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Where the Bee gets its Buzz: Sacramento’s top news source teams up with press release distribution service

News outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and radio and television stations are under constant pressure to provide their audience with the information that audience members want. When a state is ranked year after year as one of the ten largest economies in the world – on a list that comprises entire countries – you can bet that the daily paper in that state’s capital feels this pressure a hundredfold. And that is exactly the position in which the Sacramento Bee finds itself. Decisions made in a less economically active state will affect the state’s citizens and, to a lesser degree, the citizens of neighboring states or partners in commerce. Decisions made in California, however – especially in its capital – can have global influence. The accuracy and timeliness of the information upon which those decisions are based thereby become especially critical. The PRBuzz has to be immediate, accurate, and pertinent.

PRBuzz Press Release Distribution Service to Publish Press Releases at Popular News Site ''CIO''

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