Introducing Raspberry Ketones Extreme All Natural Supplement From Uplifting Therapies
Thursday, 13 June 2013 10:42

June 13, 2013 - Chandler, Arizona -- A new raspberry ketones all natural supplement is now available from Uplifting Therapies. The product, called Raspberry Ketones Extreme, has been specially formulated within the United States using premium quality natural ingredients to promote weight loss. This safe and affordable dietary supplement further complements Uplifting Therapies' already highly respected range of healthcare products. It's expected that Raspberry Ketones Extreme's gentle, yet effective formula will be well received by consumers looking to redefine their body-shape and improve well being.

Raspberry ketones are plant compounds most commonly associated with raspberries. Also called rheosmin or frambinone, this aromatic hydrocarbon group gives raspberries their unique fragrance. The food and cosmetic industries have been using raspberry ketones extracts for many decades to add a fruity scent to products. More recently, it has been discovered that raspberry ketones also have health benefits, including assisting with weight loss.

Raspberry ketones can stimulate a rise in adiponectin production. This is a hormone naturally secreted by fatty tissues within mammals. Its purpose is to oxidize fatty acids and regulate blood glucose. By regularly taking Uplifting Therapies' Raspberry Ketones Extreme, the fat burning process is safely accelerated and metabolism is increased.

Individuals that take this supplement and participate in routine exercise will find that they lose weight quickly. There are other health benefits from taking raspberry ketones, including possible protection against developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
Uplifting Therapies' Raspberry Ketones Extreme all natural supplements have a special formula that not only promotes weight loss, it also makes it easier to keep weight off.

Calcium carbonate is blended with raspberry ketones to improve calcium levels. Calcium is very important for keeping the body trim. One of its many functions is to regulate fat storing hormones parathyroid and calcitriol. Calcium can also reduce fat storage by binding to fatty compounds and preventing them from being stored in adipose tissues. Combining raspberry ketones with calcium carbonate will ensure that losing weight is easier and long lasting.

For fast absorption, Uplifting Therapies' Raspberry Ketones Extreme all natural supplements are available in capsule form. Each bottle comes with sixty capsules and for the best results it's recommended that two capsules be taken each day with food. As with all dietary supplements, anyone taking medications, pregnant or nursing should consult a medical practitioner before taking raspberry ketones. Save 15% off your first purchase using the coupon code 6ESI7SAA at checkout.

About Raspberry Ketones

Pure Rasberry Ketones Extreme boost metabolism and effectively burns up the fat within your cells, helping you to lose the belly fat faster.These raspberry weight loss supplements are made in the USA from the highest quality ingredients under strict quality control standards. Please visit Uplifting Therapies Products to learn more about this advanced, natural weight loss product.

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